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Acoustic Foams

    Acoustic Foams are an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects requiring small-to-moderate areas of noise absorption material. Foam is easy to cut and fasten to almost any surface. Available in standard or aluminized version, both 1" thick.
    Standard acoustic foam (SAF) is a charcoal colored, opened-celled polyurethane foam product. It has good structural integrity, requiring little mechanical support. Acoustic foam is particularly effective at absorption of mid-to-high frequency noise.
    Aluminized Mylar foam (AMF) is identical to SAF, except that a wipe-clean, 1 mil aluminized Mylar facing has been flame-laminated to one side. The facing reflects light and heat, and keeps dirt, dust and grease from blocking the absorptive surface of the foam.
    SAF available in rolls 54" wide, 50', 25' and 10' lengths. AMF available in rolls 54" wide, 25' and 10' lengths.
Part# Description NRC
15-016954 Standard Acoustic Foam (SAF) 0.95
15-017154 Aluminized Mylar Foam (AMF) 0.75