QFM combines both noise barrier performance and efficient sound absorption. This lightweight, semi-flexible, easy-to-handle material is a vinyl coated, gray colored fiberglass facing cloth quilted to a supporting 2lb./cu.ft. density fiberglass.
      As a semi-flexible barrier enclosure, QFM's absorption properties help to control reverberant energy inside an area.
      Since QFM does not accordion fold, it should be considered as a suspended barrier in areas requiring infrequent access.
      QFM is available in 1" or 2" thick rolls, faced on one or both sides, or as prefinished panels.

  • Up to 21bBA reduction, depending on the noise source
  • Rated Class 1 building material per ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test for flammability
  • Tough, permanant outer shell is resistant to oil, grease and mildew; can be wiped clean
  • Attractive metallic gray color enhances area lighting
      All panels are 4 ft. wide. Panels are available in 4, 6, 8 & 10 ft. standard heights, and custom heights. Edges are completely bound with no exposed fiberglass.
      SC-122 is primarily intended for use as a wall blanket absorber, with facing on one side. Standard grommeting is on top 4' edge only at 12" O.C.
      SC-124 and SC-125 have top and two sides grommeted for easy suspension from GLIDE WALL hardware or other supports. Adjacent panels overlap and fasten through grommets with available beaded curtain ties.
      SC-124 is constructed of two layers of SC-122 bound back-to-back. SC-125 is similar to SC-124, but with the extra benefit of a 1.0 lb./sq.ft. loaded vinyl septum barrier.
Part# Weight
per sq ft
STC NRC Typical
SC-122 0.25 lb. 1" 10dBA 0.65 up to 10-12 dBA
SC-124 0.5 lb. 2" 19dBA 0.70 up to 17dBA
SC-125 1.5 lb. 2" 29dBA 0.65 up to 21dBA

SC-122 - Single faced material in nominal 1" thickness, for wall blankets.
Description Height Part#
Standard-Sizes 4' SC-122-4
  6' SC-122-6
  8' SC-122-8
  10' SC-122-10
Custom Sizes to Order SC-122
SC-124 - Double faced material in nominal 2" thickness, for use as an absorber, or combination barrier/absorber. (SC-124 is SC-122 bound back to back)
Description Height Part#
Standard-Sizes 4' SC-124-4
  6' SC-124-6
  8' SC-124-8
  10' SC-124-10
Custom Sizes to Order SC-124
SC-125 - Double faced material in nominal 2" thickness, with 1 lb./sq. ft. barrier septum is our heaviest curtain (1.5 PSF). (Same as SC-124, plus septum fill)
Description Height Part#
Standard-Sizes 4' SC-125-4
  6' SC-125-6
  8' SC-125-8
  10' SC-125-10
Custom Sizes to Order SC-125