Ceiling Baffles

Hanging Fiberglass Noise Absorber
    For reducing reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, or over noise curtain enclosures. Each absorbers measures, 2'H x 4'W, comes with grommets for hanging, and provides approximately 10 Sabins of absorption. When hung in the recommended density of one absorber per 8-10 square feet of floor area, typical ambient noise reduction of 4-7 dBA can be achieved. Can be hung in parallel rows two feet apart, or in an eggcrate configuration.
Poly-Covered Fiberglass
    The lowest cost way to add sound absorption to large rooms or enclosures. 1.5" thick, high density fiberglass core, sealed in 2 mil off-white polyethylene cover. Brass grommets for hanging.
  • Lowest cost noise absorber
  • No exposed fiberglass, easy to keep clean
  • Flame retardant cover meets Federal MVSS #302 tests for flame retardance
  • Non-combustible fiberglass core
  • Lightweight, easy to install