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Acoustic Enclosures

Noise/Work Station Enclosures
Most noise problems are controlled best by a combination of barriers and absorbers. The barrier is used to enclose the noise, and the absorber material on the inside of the enclosure controls reverberation, thereby increasing it's overall effectiveness.
  • Typical noise reduction of 12 to 15 dBA
  • Ideal for use around noisy machines
  • Easy to setup . . .similar to installing a tool crib
Enclosures are designed to surround the noise source from three sides and overhead. . . eliminating the need to control noise reverberation off the ceiling. Provides protection for employees inside the enclosure as well as reducing noise levels transmitted to other areas.

The QFM mass loaded vinyl panels are permanently attached to heavy duty steel frame panels that are constructed of galvanized steel angles and heavy duty expanded metal.

QFM panels exceed ASTM E-84 flame and smoke, 'Class A' fire rating or Federal Standard 191 method 5903.
Standard sizes are as follows:
Part# Height Width Depth Wt./lb.
NE122-8 8' 8' 8' 380
NE122-12 8' 12' 8' 400

Fold-Away Track & Roller System
...Any effective noise barrier that's there when you need it ...and rolls easily out of way when you don't need it"!
Constructed of 2" thick QFM absorber material on the inside of the enclosure with a 3/4 lb. loaded vinyl barrier on the outside of the panels. 2" wide velcro on each edge of our standard panel assures a noise tight seal.
The GLIDEWALL track and roller suspension system is unique to the industry. Rollers glide smoothly and effortlessly, permitting panels to be rotated 90° and collapsed for minimum required storage space and ease of access. All necessary hardware required for installation is included. Please indicate number of panels, linear feet of enclosure, and the type of mounting hardware needed (suspended mount hardware for use with up to 3/8" threaded rod or chain is standard). Panels are 4' wide x 8' high. Other heights available.
Description Part#
4'x8' Panel and hardware 22-508148
4'x9' 22-509148
4'x10' 22-510148
4'x11' 22-511148
4'x12' 22-512148