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75 Models in more than 25,000 sizes available for 24-hour shipment.

Indoff serves all of the US as a national Roach distributor..   Local Salesmen available for consultation wherever you are.


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Indoff Material Handling

Belt Conveyors
Trough bed belt pg 8
Box Slider Bed   pg12-13
Roller Bed Belt pg14-15
Slider Bed Belt 350SB pg10


  Line Shaft

138LS straight & 138LS Curve -pg52-53
196LSA zero-pressure accumulating  pg50-51
196LS straight -pg54-55|
196LSC Curve-pg56
196LSS spur-pg57


Belt Driven Live Roller
138LR- light duty-pg22-23
196LR-Medium duty-pg24-25
251CALR Heavy duty-pg26-27
138LRC Curve-pg28
138LRCS spur-pg29
196LRC Med duty curve-pg30-31
196LRCS med duty spur-pg32-33
  Live Roller Accumulating
251ZPA HD zero-pressure-pg44-45
138VP Light duty accumullating-pg34-35
196ZPA Med duty -pg42-43
196CPA chain powered ZPA-pg40-41
Cam adjust variable pressure-pg38-39
196VP med duty -pg36-37

Gravity Conveyor
1-3/8" Gravity  pg120-121
1.9" Gravity 16 gauge pg122-123
1.9" 196SL Gravity pg124-125
Gravity Wheel p118-119
1.9" Gravity 12 & 9 Gauge pg126-127
2.5" 14 gauge pg128-129
2.5" 11 gauge pg130-131
2-9/16" 7 gauge and 2.5 curves pg132-133
3.5" 9ga and .300 pg134-135
Rail wheel and Ball Transfer-pg136-137
  Chain Driven Live Roller Accumulating
Chain Drive ZPA MD-pg46-47
Chain Driven ZPA HDpg48-48
    Chain Driven Live Roller
Chain Driven Live Roller Curve MD pg64-65
Chain Driven Live Roller MD pg62-63
Heavy Duty 251CDLR pg66-67
Heavy Duty 297CDLR pg68-69
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