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No. 351 Electric Label Dispenser

Electric Label Dispenser

Dispenses pressure sensitive labels of any length, up to 5 1/4" wide. As a label is taken from the machine, the next label advances automatically.

Label feed is controlled by photoelectric sensor. Since the label does not touch the sensor, the No. 351 is especially well suited for dispensing small, fragile, or irregular-shaped labels.

Control switch has two positions - one for automatic operation, the other feeds continuously as long as the switch is pressed.

Heavy unobstructed top plate permits stamping or writing on the labels as they are dispensed.


  • Capacity:
    Rolls up to 12 1/2" dia. on 1" or 3" core.
    Fan-fold (computer) labels to 5-1/4" wide.
  • Counter Space
    No. 351- 7" x 14" (18 x 36 cm).
  • Electrical
    115 vac standard. 220 vac optional.
  • Shipping Weight
    351-12 lb. (5.5 kg).


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