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Fast, reliable operation makes National gummed tape dispensers right for any shipping room.
A wide variety of models allows you to choose the best machine for your particular needs.

An economical gummed kraft tape dispensers for low-volume shipping rooms, packaging stations, offices, mailrooms, and portable packing carts.

Cast aluminum body with desert sand color epoxy finish will continue to look new after hundreds of cleanings. The tape feed assembly is bright plated brass, with a series of rollers for smooth, easy feeding of tape across the moistening brush.

The large water reservoir and bottle maintain the correct water level for proper activation of tape glue.


  • Tape - 3" paper (not for reinforced tapes)
  • Moistening - Single premium brush. Water bottle maintains water level
  • Shipping weight - 6 lb. (3 kg)
  • Counter Space - 6 1/2 x 13" (16 x 33 cm)


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