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NEW - Tay-Per® II Gummed Tape Dispenser

Fast, reliable operation makes National gummed tape dispensers right for any shipping room.
A wide variety of models allows you to choose the best machine for your particular needs.

REVOLUTIONARY - A unique rotary cutting unit design that is unequalled in the industry. A clean and quiet operation that will be welcomed in the most sophisticated environments.

ACCURATE - Tape lengths are routinely held to +/- 1/8", every time. Measures and dispenses tape lengths from 6-39 inches.

VERSATILE - The control pad is designed for maximum versatility and ease of use:

  • PRE-SET - 12 popular lengths are pre-set for dispensing at the touch of a button.

  • CUSTOM LENGTHS - To set any length from 4" to 99" for a special application, just press SET LENGTH on the control pad, then enter the length, using the blue numbers in the corner of the key pad. Press FEED TAPE to dispense the custom length.

  • REPEAT - Pressing REPEAT will feed another piece of tape the same length as the last one dispensed. (REPEAT works with custom lengths as well as with the 12 pre-set lengths.)

  • RANDOM - Pressing RANDOM feeds tape continuously until the button is released. Note: The tape feeds at half-speed in RANDOM, for easier length control by the operator.

WATER SUPPLY - The large 1-liter (34 ounce) bottle and 8-ounce water tray provide a long service time between "fill-ups". A heater, safely located below the water tray shelf, warms all the water in the tray to help soften the tape's adhesive and facilitate bonding to the carton. The water level is adjustable for different tapes. The level does not change when the bottle is removed for filling.

MOISTENING BRUSH - The double-thick brush rests at a steep 30 degree angle to help guide the tape over the brush tip, reducing the chance of a tape jam.

QUIET OPERATION - The Tay-per II is nearly silent. The loudest sound it makes is the soft shearing action of the rotary blade as it cuts the tape.

EFFICIENT AND SAFE - With low voltage (24 volt) components for maximum safety and efficiency, the Tay-per II draws less than 2 amps at full load. The Tay-per II is designed to meet or exceed U.S. and European safety standards.


TAPE - Standard rolls, 1" to 4" wide. Max. roll diameter - 7 1/2". Reinforced or plain kraft.

MOISTENING - Double-thick brush, Heated water supply, adjustable water level.

TAPE SPEED - 40 inches/sec. (20 inches/sec RANDOM)

ELECTRICAL - 115VAC standard; 220 VAC optional. Maximum current required - 2 amps.

COUNTER SPACE - 10 1/2" wide x 18" deep.


NEW - PARTNER Tape Dispensers

The Partner Pull-and-Tear dispenser is always within reach. Mounted permanently on the side of the work station with screws, or temporarily with a clamp, it's out of the way, yet conveniently accessible whenever you need a piece of tape.

Partner dispensers are made in the U.S. of heavy 1/8" thick metal, powder coated for a clean look. They are available in 1-inch and 2-inch widths. Both widths are available in either permanent flush mount or portable clamp-on models.

Tape is easily slipped onto the spool without dis-assembling the unit. Mount the Partner on the right or left side of the work station - To reverse the mounting, just remove the blade, turn the unit over, and re-fasten the blade to what is now the top. (With the portable unit, the clamp must also be turned over).

The Partner is great for use at an assembly station, a packing or shipping bench, on a drafting table, or anywhere you need a supply of tape ready for use, yet safely out of the way.

  • 101 1-Inch Partner
  • 101C 1-Inch Partner with Clamp
  • 102 2-Inch Partner
  • 102C 2-Inch Partner with Clamp

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