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No. 98TM Touch-Matic Tay-per®

Fast, reliable operation makes National gummed tape dispensers right for any shipping room.
A wide variety of models allows you to choose the best machine for your particular needs.

No.98TM Touch-Matic Tay-per

Speed, efficiency and reliability make the Touch-Matic perfect for busy shipping rooms, or wherever various sizes of cartons must be sealed quickly and securely. Automatically dispenses measured lengths of kraft or reinforced sealing tapes at the touch of a button. Standard machine has 12 pre-set lengths from 6" - 39", plus RANDOM button for longer lengths. Other length ranges available - see below. "REPEAT" feature dispenses the last selected length again, without the need to remember which button was pressed. A real time saver when sealing several cartons of the same size.

Lengths dispensed

  • No. 98TM (standard) 6" - 39" at 3" intervals.
  • No. 98TMM 6" - 50" at 4" intervals.
  • No. 98TML 12" - 78" at 6" interval.
  • No. 98TMXL 30" - 96" at 6" intervals.
  • No. 98TME 15-40 cm at 5 cm intervals; 50-100cm at 10 cm intervals.


  • Tape - Standard rolls 1" to 4" wide. Paper or reinforced.
  • Moistening - Double brushes. Heated tank with adjustable water level.
  • Electrical - 115 vac standard. 220 vac optional.
  • Shipping Weight - 42lb (20kg)
  • Counter Space - 11" x 19" (28x48 cm)
  • Tape Speed - 180 feet per minute (55m/min).


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