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Tay-Per® Gummed Tape Dispensers

Fast, reliable operation makes National gummed tape dispensers right for any shipping room.
A wide variety of models allows you to choose the best machine for your particular needs.




    All National Tay-per® feature:

    • Cast metal construction with durable fusion-bonded blue finish for years of dependable service.

    • Double brushes and adjustable water level provide consistent moisture for proper activation of tape glue.

    • Adjustable platen weight for proper pressure on tape as it passes over the brushes.

    • Thermostatically controlled water heater heats the water supply, not just the brushes tip, to speed softening of glue for faster bonding. (Standard on electrics, optional on No. 52)

    • Spring loaded, precision-ground knives for clean cutting of paper and reinforced tapes up to 4" wide, including oversize red-edge "tamper evident" security tapes.

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