Lift Dynamics is out of business but Superlift now manufactures this Stainless Wlakie plus many other Stainless Lift tables and Trucks =>Superlift   

The entire structure of this remarkable truck, including the frame, forks and carriage, is made from high quality stainless steel. In a meatpacking environment where blood and brine is commonplace, the Pwss can last up to three times longer than a conventional truck.  This truck will also perform well in freezer applications and corrosive environments, offering long running times and minimal operator fatigue.


  •  All stainless steel contsruction.
  •  6,000 pound lift capacity.
  •  Available in walkie, fixed platform rider, and flip down platform walkie/rider configuration.
  •  All drive functions including speed, forward and reverse, braking and steering are at the operator's finger tips.
  •  A safety reverse button, located at the end of the control handle, moves the truck away from the operator when activated.
  •  Stepless electronic speed control using MOSFET technology means precise maneuvering and load positioning while conserving battery power.
  •  Adjustable spring loaded drive unit provides superb traction and excellent stability.
  •  Tandem bogie wheels and seven helper rollers per fork provide unrivaled pallet entry and exit.
  •  Drive unit consists of a series wound Class H traction motor vertically mounted on a helical and spiral beveled gear reduction unit, with all gears running in a constant oil bath.
  •  All components and maintenance items are located for easy service access.
  •  All of our electric lift trucks can be customized to fit your requirements.