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What Type of Lease can I arrange?
Leasing is a practical option used by companies of all sizes.

Provides additional sources of financing. Leasing does not tie up a company's bank lines, leaving cash available for working capital and growth. We take the burden out of the approval and closing process.
Conserves capital. Working capital is left free to grow your business. Leasing lets you budget the cost of equipment over its useful life.
Low initial cost. Leasing provides 100% financing.
Tax advantages. Lease payments can be deducted as an operating cost so the equipment can be expensed over its useful life. In many situations this provides significant savings to owners of small businesses.
Flexibility. In most cases, installation and taxes can be added to the lease eliminating upfront costs required by conventional loan financing. The customer may add on additional equipment of upgrade during the lease term. At the end of the lease, the equipment may be purchased returned, upgraded or the lease may be renewed.

Improves cash flow. Leasing does not require a large initial cash outlay and has a lower payment than similar term debt financing.
Off balance sheet. An operating lease is not capitalized on the balance sheet as a liability, so it does not affect the company's debt ratios. Lease payments are expensed through the income statement. This means capital budget funds are left available for other important uses.
Not a capital budget item. Lease payments may be considered part of the operating budget, therefore, reducing annual budget restrictions that occur from outright capital purchases.
Hedge against obsolescence. One of the concerns in purchasing equipment is alleviated: we assume the risk of obsolescence and disposal. Our customers may return the equipment to us at the end of their lease with no additional fee.
Flexibility. During the term of the lease, our customers may add equipment and/or upgrade equipment.
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King Commercial Lease Application
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