Indoff's Contractor Division is your best source for material handling experts to handle Contract work professionally.

 INDOFF represents the product lines of over 2000 of the nation's premier manufacturers.

The Following Indoff Partners are authorized to do unlimited bid work with General Contractors 
Partner Link State Specialty Area
  San Mateo, CA (California)
Mac Beare Nevada  02870,08302,10450,10100,10500,
10605, 10670, 11160, 11161, 12671, 14240
Jeff Crossley CA Central CA Div 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Jerry Whalen Pacific Northwest
Here is what our Contractor Specialists bring to the Table.........
1. They do contracts - which is to say a material and labor agreement vs. a simple PO for delivery of material only.
2. They are used to dealing with general contractors rather than a purchasing agent/buyer within a company.
3. Since the product/service is utilized in a building project, subject to many governmental regulations our experts are aware of this and the need to analyze the contract for all pertinent clauses. Our people are also well aware of the problems caused by late delivery and proper installation.
one-sided and with an attitude of you-better-perform-or-else.
4. The jobs are won in a highly competitive environment and our experts know how to quote a winning price and stand by it.
5. The act of providing the correct product (often against stringent specifications) and competent labor at the right time (a constantly moving target) is what they do well.
Division code
8 Doors
10 Lockers Benches, wire partitions
11 Dock Equipment
15 Vertical Reciprocating Lifts

61 Lockers and shelving

Some section codes
02870 Bicycle Racks
08302 Impact Traffic Doors
10450 Pedestrian Control Devices
10100 White Boards and Tack Boards
10500 Metal Lockers & Laminate Lockers
10605 Postal Lockers
10670 Storage Shelving
11160 Dock Equipment
11161 Dock Levelers
12671 Benches
14240 Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors, Powered Conveyors and Garbage  Compactors

Our other 150 partners are there to work with you on a straight PO basis see full list at Partners