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ERGOMAT offers several mat designs.  What you choose depends on the environment in which you intend to use your anti-fatigue mat.  Follow the links above or read the descriptions below.

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ERGOMAT STANDARD The original, unsurpassed polyurethane anti-fatigue mat for all dry, non-corrosive and non-abrasive areas.  Choose this mat if you are looking for the ultimate in longevity and comfort for standard applications such as assembly operations, service counters, and retail.

5 year warranty.  Color is dark charcoal.  Static dissipative for static control areas.  Cleanroom certified.


std-1.gif (72015 bytes)ERGOMAT F-MAT  Also a polyurethane anti-fatigue mat but designed for specialty applications:  where occasional spills of corrosive chemicals may happen, where occasional moisture may be present or where fire retardant properties are necessary. 

May also be used as an alternative to the ERGOMAT STANDARD where slightly less wear resistance is acceptable.

3 year warranty.  Color is black.  Cleanroom certified.

soft-1.gif (50670 bytes)ERGOMAT SOFTLINE.  Our severe duty mat made from virgin nitril rubber.   Highly chemical and heat resistant.  For use in such applications as welding and machining areas in the metal working industry but also in food processing where a high degree of slip resistance is required. 

Totally non-absorbent.  Autoclavable.  USDA approved.

2 year warranty.  Colors are black, blue and green.

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ERGOMAT NITRIL.  Manufactured from the same durable grade of nitril rubber as the SOFTLINE but with a friendlier design more suited to environments where esthetic considerations must be made such as laboratories, operating rooms,  and kitchen areas.

Totally non-absorbent.  Autoclavable. 

3 year warranty.  Colors are black, blue and green.   Cleanroom suitable.

Also available as ERGOMAT NITRIL ESD - a conductive mat for use in electronics manufacturing.  3 year warranty.  Black only.