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Over 150 Branch Partners Nationwide

Thousands of Manufacturers

One Source Shopping

Indoff is the only material handling distributor that can solve your problems both at headquarters and at your local plants. We currently have over 200 experienced Partner/salesmen and plan to add 100 more in the next year. The Indoff program is structured so that the Partners can work together on a national account level to solve all your needs from furniture to automated warehouse systems. We have the financial, technical, and geographic presence to be your nationwide partner.  Indoff had sales of over a $133,000,000 in 1999 which puts us among the top 100 material handling houses and makes us the only material handling house capable of systems, commodities and custom work nationwide. We have the broadest range of products in the industry with the deepest discounts, which means you get what you want at the best pricing. Our Partner sales force is composed exclusively of top performers that have the authority to make decisions and manage you account with the expertise it deserves.

We look forward to working together to create a relationship beneficial to all of us.

- Indoff can provide you with complete in depth coverage, from casters to vertical lifts (excluding powered fork trucks). Indoff has been in business over 25 years and enjoys a reputation for honest dealings, quality products and excellent service. Indoff prides itself on its experienced salesmen who have complete control over your account. Our business is getting and KEEPING your business.

Our major strength lies in our versatility -- for example:

* We can help you chose products best for your application, since we have access to hundreds of manufacturers and lines.

* We can offer quantity pricing that is more than competitive due large nationwide buying power.

* We can offer full installation and layout on your in-plant project all the way up to a $250,000 conveyor system on top of a mezzanine running through modular buildings serviced by vertical lifts, sectioned off by wire cages, holding workbenches, lift tables and shelving.

* We can supply you with fast quotes, product comparisons, plenty of literature and catalogs to help you make intelligent decisions.

* You will find Indoff's expertise, responsiveness, pricing and scope to be most helpful especially in light of today's trend toward specialization.

If you have any applications call your local Indoff Branch Partner, they will gladly come in and work with you on a cost effective solutions.

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Indoff Corporate Offices are at

1100 Corporate Square Drive
Suite 150
St Louis MO 63132
Phone (314)997-1122


We are currently celebrating 25 years in business

Indoff is a material handling distributor based in St. Louis. We sell through a group of full time, commissioned salesmen, nationwide. I think it's important to realize that Indoff is not a small SMO dealer. Indoff has been created by John Temple to become the best and biggest material handling distributor by recruiting experienced salesmen/Partners within a particular framework. Indoff is unique in that the program is set up so each Salesman/Partner has the discount structure, marketing, financial and administrative backing of a national organization with the independence and authority of a local distributor. John Temple's master plan calls for over 300 salesmen. I think this is the industrial sales organization of the future and hope you as either a customer or vendor will get on the bandwagon.

We have our own mini Pro-mat show in St. Louis yearly:  Vendors come in to hold training sessions, meet the partners and promote their products. Our sales staff are all professionals that you will be happy to deal with.