technical data

PacMaster PacMasterStandard PacMasterVS
Packing mat grid (in) 5/32 x 4 3/8 5/32 x 4 3/8 5/32 x 4 3/8
Cutting capacity 2-3 ply boxes 1-2 ply boxes 2-3 ply boxes
Cutter feed width (in) 16 3/4 16 3/4 16 3/4
Preliminary cutter feed ht (in) 3/4 3/4 3/4
Cutter feed height (in) 3/4 3/4 3/4
Cutting speed - ft. per min. 35.4 19.6 17.7-57
Noise level - approx. dB (A) 68.5* 68.5* 68.5*
Power supply 220v, 3Ph, 60hz, 20amp 115v, 1Ph, 60hz, 20amp 220v, 1Ph, 60hz, 20amp
Dimensions WxDxH (in) 24 1/2x 19 5/8x 40 1/8 24 1/2x 19 5/8x 40 1/8 24 1/2x 19 5/8x 40 1/8
Weight (lbs.) 452 441 452

WITH PacMaster
Economical and reliable: the special PacMaster technique converts empty corrugated boxes, which previously cost money to dispose of, into "free" large-volume filler material suitable for packing even sensitive goods for transport.
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic cuts material into required format
  • High-quality packaging material
  • Emergency stop and lockable main switch
  • Rotary knob to control On/Off and reverse functions
Perfect - two functions in one unit:
The corrugated boxes are simply cut to the required format in the preliminary cutter. The working surface has standard size guides marked on it and along with the sliding guide, accurate cutting is guaranteed. The strips prepared in this way are fed into the PacMaster inlet, where special patented cutting shafts turn them into bulky packing mats.
Easy to use:
The PacMaster is very simple to operate. Its lockable main switch also acts as an emergency stop and it has a rotary knob to control On/Off and reverse functions.