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1,500 Lb Capacity
Electric Platform Truck

The MOTO-CART is a battery operated self-propelled electric platform truck. It can be used almost anywhere equipment and supplies have to be moved. This unique cart increases productivity and reduces injuries caused by pushing and pulling ordinary non-powered carts. This flexible vehicle can travel over carpeting, tile or any hard surface, go in and out of elevators and handle 1,000 lbs. on inclines up to 6 degrees. Order Picking

Office Deliveries
Many Uses In:
  • Office Buildings
  • Parts Departments
  • Tool Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Universities/Schools
  • Manufacturing
  • Anywhere materials
    need to be moved

Special Applications
Our custom design department is able to create a design specifically for your application. Previous custom designs include the multi-shelf truck, the tool chest truck and the utility truck. May we develop a special design for you?
Typical Custom Designs
Multi-shelf Truck
A great general purpose truck. Ideal for the efficient handling of supplies and equipment.
Tool Chest Truck
Takes the chore out of moving heavy tool chests to point of use.
Utility Truck
Perfect for bulk storage, parts, packages, bulky linens, etc. A great helper in the shipping or mail room.